SHAREit for PC Download Windows 10/8/7 SHAREit PC

Here is the guide to download SHAREit for PC on Windows 10, Windows 8.1/7. SHAREit PC Download tutorial is also given here.

Hello friends, today we are going to share complete method to SHAREit Download for PC App easily on your Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and 10.

Lenovo SHAREit on PC app is getting popularity from users because of its amazing features and functions and so people want to use SHAREit App on PC and want to connect Computer and Mobile devices such that they can easily transfer files from PC to Smartphone and vice versa without any issue.

When it comes to access to files and sharing them with different devices, all you need is a system of cross-platform transfer of files. This is possible with absolute ease if you use the SHAREit for PC. This is a useful app that enables you to get access to different files stored on your PC, laptop, Smartphone, Android set and other devices. It acts as an interface for the transfer of file across all these devices.

To start with, you need to understand that SHAREit Download is a file sharing app, and there are two ways by which you can use this app finally on computer or laptop platform. Any ways, here’s a guide on how to get SHAREit PC download, and I’m going to share the exact two methods with you, right here.

shareit for pc

The system with 2GB RAM will also work, but then you shouldn’t be expecting smoother experience from the same. So, go ahead and start going through this method I’m about to share, and I can assure you that you’ll enjoy learning everything.

How to download SHAREit for PC Guide: Details
Download Size 4.94 MB
Available On
Features of App Supports Windows, Android, iPhone
Transfer Speed Upto 10 mbps*
Latest Update 1st Feb 2017

SHAREit for PC Download on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 :

Go ahead and start going through the procedure I’m about to share, and I can assure you that you’ll be using the app very easily.

You need to be sure that the computer or laptop at your end, is having Wi-Fi (its main requirement here), minimum 4GB RAM, 5GB C Drive storage, and HD standard of updated graphic card.

Note : If your laptop or computer doesn’t have Wi-Fi (WLAN) feature then SHAREit for PC will not work.

  1. This is the official method, including the official app, which is released by the developers of the SHAREit for Computer App. You can easily install, by downloading the installer package file from the given website.
  2. Once the file is downloaded, all you need to do is to double click on the file, and start going through the on-screen instructions, until you reach the Finish button.
  3. Once done, start SHAREit for PC from its shortcut, and begin using everything you see. This is the simplest method and official one as well.
  4. Now you need to set up few things before you can actually use SHAREit on PC. You have to create your Device name and select the default file location which you will receive from other devices.
  5. Now as you can see there are two buttons i.e Send & Receive. If you click on “Send” you will be able to share files from your device to another device. And if you click on “Receive” you will receive the files from other smartphone or PC devices.
  6. Now click on “Browse” so that you will be able to select files which you want to send via SHAREit PC App. You can even directly Drag & Drop the file if you want. Now click on “Next”
  7. SHAREit for PC Download App is looking for nearby devices of the people who wants to receive files from you. Just click on the device and you are done.
  8.  Here the app gives complete confirmation that sending of file is done successfully and if you want you can send more files to connected device. You can now click on finish.

I hope you enjoyed this guide which is little bit lengthy as many of my readers suggested me to provide them the tutorial which has all the steps included, but if you are the one who wants to get the short and brief guide then you can get it here.

SHAREit PC App on Windows 10/8.1/7:

So, In this online world, you have to transfer a hell lot of files daily. So, how to Transfer Files Faster? The answer is SHAREit PC App. Unlike bluetooth and infrared that are the most powerful methods to transfer files in the previous age now being replaced By Shareit.

In this article, I will be explaining you how to download and install SHAREit for PC.

shareit setup

Prerequisites: Shareit PC Setup, A Windows PC.

  1. Firstly, You should check the minimum requirements for SHAREit to install on a Particular PC. To install SHAREit for PC, Your pc should have minimum 1 GB RAM and 200 mb space.
  2. Now, Secondly You have to download the setup. Direct download it from the official site.
  3. After clicking the download link, You will be prompted to save the setup. Just click on save or if you are using IDM then you have to click on
  4. Now, open the downloaded setup file of SHAREit for Windows.
  5. Click On Next, After that you’ll see Lenovo License Agreement page, then again click on next.
  6. Then select the location where you want to install the app. The default location for installing this program on PC is C:\Program Files\Lenovo\SHAREit for 32-bit operating system and C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\SHAREit for 64-bit operating system.
  7. Then click on next and it’ll start installing the software on your PC, it’ll take about a minute to complete installation.
  8. To open the app on your PC, you’ll find an icon of SHAREit for PC.

I think the installation process is quite simple and easy to use.

shareit app on pc

How to Send/Receive files with SHAREit App for PC?

First of all, to send the files from one device to another like from PC to Android you have to first open the program on your computer system. Once the application opens you can see the “Send” button, just click on it and you will get the “Browse” option.

Now, Choose Files to Send, And then Click On Next option in SHAREit for PC App.

shareit pc

Now, You have to select the device on which you want to send files, It may be your iPhone, android phone, or your tablet. You have sent files successfully using shareit on windows.

shareit for windows

For receiving files, You have to Press Receive Button. Now, The Sender Have to Select Your PC to send You Files. Hola, You have Successfully received Files Using SHAREit App for PC.

shareit for computer

You can send and receive almost every file i.e file of any extension. SHAREit for PC is platform independent as it can be installed on any device – Android, iOS, Windows and More.

shareit for mac

SHAREit for Windows 10 with Bluestacks :

Note : Using SHAREit on your Computer with the help Bluestacks or any other Android Emulator software is not recommended and you don’t even need to follow this unofficial method when official software is directly available which is shared above. But still if you want to look at this method then below I have given complete guide. Mobdro for PC Download guide is also provided.

If you wish to use SHAREit for PC Windows 10 along with any other Android app or game on computer, then following steps will help you achieve the target.

  1. Start with downloading the Bluestacks software, which is developed by a registered software developer company and you don’t need to pay anything right now.
  2. Start installing SHAREit PC App, by double clicking the installer file, and then going through the on-screen instructions ahead. It will not require internet connection and will happen shortly. You need to star that software and choose the Free Trial option from the first screen.
  3. Start the Browser app and then use it to open the Google search engine. Now enter ‘SHAREit for Windows 10’ as search term and hit the link which takes you to the Google play store. Once the official app’s listing appears, you need to proceed to step 4.
  4. Once the app appears in the Play store, you need to click on the Install option ahead and then it will ask you to login using a Google account. Once the login is done, the app will begin installing on its own.

Again I am telling you that please proceed with the official method as its more appropriate to follow that process which is given my official website.

There are many other android emulator programs available in the market which is much better than Bluestacks, I personally like to use Nox App Player which is far more better and efficient than Bluestacks android emulator program when it comes to download SHAREit for Windows 10.

shareit pc download

But, I always recommend my readers to follow the official method only, here in this case we have the official software available directly from the developers so it is better to use the same.

Features of SHAREit for Windows PC:

We have some really amazing and great features which is given in SHAREit PC App like you can easily share files from one device to another in almost no time and SHAREit for PC supports so many platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Desktop as well as Blackberry which makes it worthy app.

There are different ways in which you can get the app for your device. However, it is not always necessary to download the app from the Google Play store. There are other sites apart from the play store, and it is possible to download the uncorrupted files from these sources.

However, one must prefer the official website of SHAREit Download for PC in order to get in touch with the original app and keep the devices safe from malware. One can find the desired link for different devices on the official page of the app.

Like if you want to share something from your Desktop to Smartphone or vice versa then no other app can beat SHAREit for PC.

  • Allows you to send contents like videos, images, music files, etc
  • Send all files within few seconds ranging from 1MB to 100GB
  • And its completely free and easy to use
  • You don’t need any type of internet connection to use SHAREit PC App
  • Easily discover other users within your range to share files
  • Can easily connect Android to iPhone, Android to Windows Phone

The above given features are not limited one but there are many other great features of SHAREit for Desktop which I am not including here. The best thing is that you can directly use this program and understand all the features by yourself. Also, there is no limitations which is imposed on the users for using this application.

Why you need SHAREit PC?

Suppose you are at your workplace, and you need to get in touch with your official documents which may be stored on another device. In most of the cases, the PC is used as the major storage device. You may have a smartphone, and you need to install SHAREit for PC directly.

Once you install SHAREit on PC App, it will be possible for you to get access to the files from the phone itself. You will need an internet connection. The app can be used using both the wired and unwired internet facilities.

In most of the professional sectors, Wi-Fi is used as a useful connecting medium. The app runs well on all sorts of connections and on different devices with equal effectiveness.


Note: The latest version of this program i.e SHAREit 4.0 for PC is currently trending, you should download this app now.

  • You may also need to share the files with your colleagues and other people. So, it is possible to use the app tocross-platform Different people have different devices, and it makes it possible to share the app to all of them.
  • SHAREit for PC has other aspects of use as well. When you are in a light mood, you may long for entertainment. In this case, you may have the files stored on the PC or laptop.
  • At a particular time, it may not be possible to get access to the main storage device. Here the app comes to play. You will be able to get access to the main storage device through the handset you are using and the version of SHAREit Windows App.
  • After all, it is an easy way to get access to the files. You will be able to get in touch with the favourite songs and movies which are stored on your main device.
  • There may be an occasion when you need to share the share the photographs or files stored in your device with your friends. This is possible in case you are using SHAREit PC App.
  • The easy interface of the app acts as a medium which helps you to get access to the various files and share them with your friends.

Apart from this, it is possible to get access to the presentations on PowerPoint from SHAREit for PC. You will find it easy to manage the presentations and after all, this will come really handy for you when you want to get access to the stored files from a remote device. The official site has the download link ready for you.

Devices Supported by SHAREit Download for PC:

Now, there are different devices in which you can download and install the app. Here are some of the devices in which you can install it.

What is the first aspect that comes to your mind when you think of cross-platform sharing of files? You will have access to the documents and files stored on one device even if you do not get access to that device. The popular app called SHAREit has made it a reality.

SHAREit for Windows

  • You can use the app on your Windows computer. There are different versions of the operating system. The latest being Windows 10, you will be able to use the app on all the versions, including Windows 7, 8 and 10. After all, SHAREit for PC is compatible with all these devices, and you will be able to use it on all these operating systems.
  • There is a link to the website for downloading SHAREit for Windows phone, and you will be able to download the app to your computer from the official website.
  • You can even download SHAREit App for the iPhones. There are different versions of the iPhones, and you will be able to use the app for all the versions. Even the app can be installed and used in the latest version.
  • Users will be able to share the files from the iPhones to PC and vice-versa and from iPhones to other devices like Androids and windows phones. You will find the desired link on the website of SHAREit Download for PC.
  • When it comes to windows phones, the configuration of the phones is different, and the users can use SHAREit PC to share the files from the windows phones to other devices. These may include official documents, movies, songs, videos and other files.
  • There are many people who use Mac, and even they will find SHAREit for PC beneficial to them. The same official website has the link to download the app and it is easy to install it on the device. Once it is installed, one can share the files across cross platform devices.
  • Apart from these, there are other devices like Android, and there are millions of users of these devices. One can easily avail the app from the website and install it on the device. The sharing process is easy in SHAREit on PC, and you will be able to access different files from your PC when you are outdoor.

Now it is possible to get access to the files stored on your PC through different handsets like iPhone, Android and Windows phone. You will be able to share your files when you are outdoor, and this will make the access to the files easier than ever before.

Connect SHAREit for PC and other devices:

When it comes to sharing of files from a remote device, users can do it with SHAREit app. This is a really popular app that can be used across cross-platform devices. One can get the app installed on the PC, laptop, iPhones, Windows phones and Android sets in order to get access to files and share them with other people.

Users will be able to share the files stored on your device with a PC and vice versa and there are different download options for different devices on the official website of SHAREit PC.

You should download SHAREit for PC from a trusted website, preferably the official one, in order to have the uncorrupted app installed on your device.  There are different download links on the official website and you will be able to customise them for your device.

SHAREit for PC Download

Now, you need to know the advantages of using the app.

  1. First of all, as mentioned, you will be able to get access to the files and share them with your friends and colleagues. Apart from these, SHAREit for Windows is compatible with different devices.
  2. The configuration for different devices is separate from each other and accordingly, the app is installed on different devices. People prefer lighter apps to heavier ones, as it helps in the smooth functioning of the devices.
  3. The apps must not cause the devices to get hung up if the app is complicated. The app is designed in such a way that there is no problem with the device.
  4. SHAREit for PC has a user-friendly Be it on any device, the app will guide the user in the right way to use it successfully on different devices. The process is easy and simple.
  5. There is a step by step functioning of the app, which enables the people to use them easily without any hassle.
  6. The vibrancy and color of SHAREit PC App are also a visual treat to watch out.
  7. The transfer of files takes a little time when you have the app installed on your device. This allows you to share the files easily, and you can even manage the PowerPoint presentations from your smartphone.
  8. So, there are multiple uses of the app, and one will really be benefitted once the app is installed on the device.
  9. You need to have a good connectivity in order to make SHAREit for Windows App function properly. The connection can be wired or unwired, suppose Wi-Fi and the app functions with equal efficiency across all platforms.
  10. When you are at your workplace, you generally share the files using the unwired connection. SHAREit for PC is fast enough to transfer the files across all platforms.

All these factors have made the app usable to all the people. No matter what device you have, you will be able to share the files across all the devices. The process of downloading the SHAREit Download for PC is easy and fast, and one will get the desired guidance once he or she visits the official website.

SHAREit for Windows: Cross-Platform File Transfer

Sharing of files across different devices need a proper interface, and you will be glad to know that here is an app that allows you to get access to the files stored on other devices from the device you are using.

Apart from this, you will be able to share the files on different devices, with your friends and colleagues using SHAREit for Laptop. Sometimes it happens that you are outdoor and need to get access to the urgent documents.

SHAREit Download for PC

Previously it was not possible to get access to the files through apps, but now SHAREit for Windows has made the process possible. It is easy and simple, and one needs to follow the guidelines given on the website in order to avail the app.

Now, here are some reasons which you need to know in order to understand why SHAREit for PC is popular among the users.

  • First of all, people prefer an app which is light and easy to tackle. It should not occupy a lot of space in the device and allow the system to run smoothly. In other words, it has to be compatible enough with the device.
  • The app is light and easy to use across all platforms. The users find no hitch in using SHAREit on PC. It does not cause the device to hang up and allows the user to get access to the files with ease.
  • It is user-friendly and easy to use. One can use it to share the files across cross platform devices. The steps are easy and do not involve any complication. Even the new user can share the documents and files with ease and success.
  • The look of SHAREit for PC matters a lot as far as the presentation is concerned. The app has an attractive interface and looks bright.
  • This makes it easy for the users to get access to the different options and the vibrancy of the app is really a treat to watch.
  • Another important feature of SHAREit for Windows 8/10/7 is that it functions with WIFI connectivity.
  • You will be able to share the files if you connect the device through the unwired devices and this is a major advantage of the users, as many of the professionals use wireless internet connectivity in the offices and professional sectors.
  • They may have to share or get access to different files and folders stored on another device, and so, Wi-Fi connectivity is a great advantage of the device.
  • The connectivity of SHAREit for PC is good, even when you are using it on your Android phone. You will be able to use the app for fast transfer of files, and this is possible with absolute ease.

All these factors have made the app really popular.

One thing needs to be remembered; people should get it from the official site only in order to avoid getting the corrupted file installed on your device i.e you should not get SHAREit Download for PC from unauthorised websites.

There are different devices like iPhones, smartphones, Android sets, Windows phone, PC and laptops, in which you will be able to install the apps and use them for sharing files. You can now download SHAREit for PC from our authentic website.

SHAREit for Android Download

One of the best advantages of the SHAREit APK App is that it can be used on cross-platform devices. In today’s technological scenario, all the websites and applications meant for computers have a mobile version as well.

SHAREit Download is now available for your android phone, and you can use it in different devices according to your own need. You can download the app on your smartphones like Micromax or Samsung, and these are literally useful to you.

However, you need to keep certain facts at the back of your head when you download SHAREit for PC or Android. This is meant to strengthen the security of the device, as there are several instances when the device has been affected by malware when the apps have been downloaded from untrusted sites. The source has to be legal, and you should avail SHAREit for Android from the official and trusted site in order to ensure the safety.

Sometimes, when you try to download the app, a message shows that you have insufficient space to download SHAREit for PC in spite of having enough space. This may happen when you try to download it from an untrusted site.

How to download SHAREit on Android?

In the case of Android sets, the process to download is easy and is given below.

You need to go to the default browser of your android phone and copy the following link. After downloading the app, you just need to install it and use it on your device. The process is simple and easy.

  1. When it comes to sharing of files, it is sometimes difficult because of the cross-platform transfer of files. However, when you use the app, you will be able to share the desired files from PCs to smartphones and Androids and vice and versa only with SHAREit for PC and Android App.
  2. So, no matter what your device is, you will be able to share and transfer your files. So, you can share your favourite music and other files with your friends even if the devices are not similar to each other.
  3. Another important feature of SHAREit for Windows 7/10/8.1 App is that you can get access to the files stored on other devices from the Android set itself. For instance, you have your favourite collection of songs or official documents in the PC.
  4. But at present you are outdoor and need to access them. You can simply get in touch with them through your smartphone from anywhere and anytime. This is a major advantage of the cross-platform file transfer system such as SHAREit PC App.
  5. Apart from this, one can manage the power point presentation from the device using the app. This will allow you to perform the functions of your PC on your android set, and this will come really handy for users.

After all, all these features have made the app popular among the users.

Note: I don’t recommend my users to go for APK method, many of the online websites which shares the SHAREit APK file are fake and it can literally harm your device, so I will always insist you to download this application from Google Play Store only.

SHAREit for Mac Download Latest Version:

Well, there are many mac users eagerly searching for a way to use SHAREit on MAC . Now wait is over guys because today I’m going to guide you on how to download and install the latest version of SHAREit App for Mac.

This program is developed by tech giant Lenovo and which transfers or Shares files using Wi-Fi direct technology. Lenovo claims that SHAREit can transfer files 200x times faster than the Bluetooth which is also true and the only reasons that most of the Smartphone users are preferring this application as their go-to app for transferring or sharing files using Wi-Fi.

We all know that SHAREit app is officially available for Android, iPhone and PC users and it can be installed directly without any problem, But SHAREit for Mac can not be installed directly because Lenovo had not officially released any compatible version of the application for Mac OS. But still there is a way to download SHAREit for PC as well as Mac also.s

In this Guide, You will get easy step by step procedure on How to download and install SHAREit application for Mac, iMac, MacBook. So stop searching on Google and just follow this article exactly as mentioned.

Download SHAREit on Mac using iOS Emulator (iPadian):

This is an easy way for Mac OS lovers out there who are willing to use SHAREit on their MacBook or iMac. To do this, we need an iOS Emulator. Yeah, iOS Emulator works same as the Android Emulator, iOS or Android Emulator helps us to play/install the iOS or Android apps, games on PC. So I’m not going to waste your times let’s head over to main procedure.

  1. Download and Install iOS Emulator iPadian on your Mac OS PC.
  2. You can also use any other iOS Emulator if you like.
  3. The ipadian dashboard is shown in above Screen Shot.
  4. Open the iPadian Application and Open App Store on it.
  5. Search ‘SHAREit App’ in iOS App Store and download it on iPadian.
  6. Install SHAREit on iPadian iOS Emulator.
  7. That’s it, the app is installed successfully on your Mac OS PC. Now you can use SHAREit for Mac using iOS Emulator.

Note – You should strictly follow all the steps mentioned above to get 100% result.

This app is must have productive tool for sharing/transferring files from your Mac to iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. There is no better alternative for SHAREit on Mac which offers 200x times transfer speed as compared to Bluetooth. If you have the option like SHAREit for PC or Mac sthen why to mess up with USB, Bluetooth, Internet charges kind of things.

Frequently Asked Questions About SHAREit PC:

Here, I am covering some of the common frequently asked questions about the SHAREit for Windows 10 or Desktop application. People find it extremely difficult to understand this application as it is little bit complicated to use it for some novice users. For them I have to come up with this FAQ section which will surely clear all your doubts regarding SHAREit for PC Download App.

What operating does it supports?

SHAREit App supports Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10.

Can I send files on another operating system?

Of course, this software is made for this purpose only, there is no limitations or restrictions of any operating system.

Is there any file size limit?

No! you can share file as large as 100 GB without any issue even with SHAREit for PC.

Can I send a folder?

Yes if you want to send complete folder you can do it directly.

Can other users steal some files from my device?

It’s not possible, no connected user can ever take file without your permission in SHAREit App.

How to share Contacts to other devices?

Currently this feature is only available on Android app and you can only share contacts between Android devices.

How fast is SHAREit for PC App?

Its 50 times faster and better than Bluetooth.

What about Group share feature?

This feature is available on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone but not on PC program.

What about updates?

You should not worry about the latest update because this app automatically check of any latest versions.

Final Words : SHAREit for PC Download

So, finally which method you’re moving ahead with? Is the Bluestacks one, or the one which is offered by the official developers. In any case, you’re going to love the experience and the SHAREit for Windows Computer will definitely bring the changes in your lifestyle. Yes, because it will minimize the time required for file sharing and also the things required.

SHAREit PC, an app very popular now a day. It is an application to transfer files. Users which are using this app can use it to transfer files including photos, videos, music, app and any other document, at lightning speed.

It is able to transfer files in just one second, ranging from 1mb to 100gb. It is officially the world’s fastest way for transferring files, photos, videos, music, app and any other document across different devices.

I hope that you really enjoyed this guide which allows you to download SHAREit for PC or Computer and if you faced any kind of problem while following the guide given here then please comment and let us know about it.

Also please keep on visiting this website as we are going to cover more guides and tutorials for this particular application. SHAREit Download for PC is truly an amazing program which has gained huge amount of popularity in very less amount of time.

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